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The Andhra Pradesh

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    The experiment in Andhra Pradesh focuses on the transformation of functions of the government to an automated system. This is done to eliminate the country’s problem of corruption in the government.


The question to ask here is, can this advancement be applicable in our country?

    For me, I think it would but only for the educated citizens in our country, because not all people in our country are familiar with automated systems and they still do not know how to use it, especially for the ordinary people. The main problem here is the education of the people to use this kind of technology. Another is building the trust of the people, because trust cannot be established overnight. Many government employees might also lose their jobs when this kind of transformation is done. The cost of the system might also be a problem.

    If this system will be implemented, the government must earn the trust of the people by rendering services to them with no corruption and help them to be trained and educated.

    Before we engage in this kind of advancement, we must first consider the country’s status. Are we capable that this can surely eliminate corruption when today many people are still affected with the government’s unfair doings?


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