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Hindustan Lever

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1. What is the innovation that HLL introduced in the area of diarrheal disease prevention?

Because of the growing evidence that hands are also a main pathway for diseases, HLL describes handwashing with soap as the preventive way from diseases.

2. Why is handwashing an excellent preventive measure against diarrheal disease?

Handwashing is an excellent preventive measure against diarrheal disease because research by WHO showed that washing hands with soap reduced attacks by 48 percent.    

3. Why is an MNC in the best position to influence behavioral change in combating diarrheal disease?

    One reason why MNC might be in the best position, to take on the challenge of combating diarrheal disease is because of its deep experience in conducting and analyzing consumer research to identify behaviors and trigger points for behavior change.

4. According to Yuri Jain of HLL, what is the connection between diarrheal disease prevention and HLL products?

    According to Yuri Jain, handwashing with soap can break the transmission of diseases and if people start washing their hands with more often, the consumption of the product will go up and there will be an impact on market size.

5. According to Harpreet Singh Tibb, what is the connection for HLL between economy, beauty and health?

    According to Harpreet Singh Tibb, establishing why health is important or why soaps can contribute to reducing germ incidents can perhaps save medical bills through long-term associations. Moreover, health is a meaningful message to consumers across socioeconomic spectrums.

6. What was the impact of the Central American Handwashing Initiative to its beneficiaries?

    The Central American Handwashing Initiative developed handwashing education messages that each private partner incorporated into its own marketing campaigns and this program resulted in a 30% increase in hygienic handwashing behavior.

7. What was the reason for Dr. Vedana Shiva's opposition to the PPP? Is it justified?

    Dr. Vedana Shiva said that Kerala do not need to be taught about cleanliness because it has the highest access to safe water, and in fact Kerala should be exported to the rest of the world because of its literacy on diarrhea prevention. It may be justified, because there are other locations that need to be looked after because of their ways in hygiene.

8. If you were in a position to decide how to go ahead with PPP while knowing the opposition how would you go about it?

    I would still continue the program because of the advantages of eliminating the spreading of disease.

9. How did Lifebuoy re-brand itself? Do you agree with HLL Chairman Marvinder Sing Banga's decision? Why?

    The team changed their target audience from men to entire families to expand its audience for the health message. Yes, because it is important to remain clean wherever we go and we need to attend to our hygiene needs.

10. What is Chairman Banga's approach to costing Lifebuoy? Do you agree with this approach?

    He said that Lifebuoy is priced for the masses. Yes

11. What is the key to sustained community behavioral change according to Harpreet Singh Tibb?

    Harpreet Singh Tibb said if it’s going to be multiple contacts, it has to be low-cost. It has to be scalable and sustainable program.

12. The Lifebuoy Swasthya Cheetna program decided to go through the local school system? Would this approach work in the Philippines?


13. What is the Lifebuoy Swasthya Cheetna's process for creating behavioral change?

    Exposure 1: Initiation and information

    Exposure 2: Large-scale propagation

    Exposure 3: Reinforcement and preparing for sustainability

14. Each exposure in the behavioral change process involved 5 key communication tactics? Can you add or subtract to these tactics? Would these tactics work in the Philippines?

    I will add training. Yes

15. Explain the germ-glow demonstration. Do you think it was effective? Are there any alternatives?

    Germ-glow showed invisible germs in the hands and can only be seen by using a soap. Both Yes.

16. How did you think the Swasthya Cheetna program impact HLL? Was it a success?

    The program resulted in a 30% increase in hygienic handwashing behavior. Yes

17. How can wealthier Indian populations benefit from the health and hygiene messages?

    They must educate other people about the benefits of the program.

18. Is the PPP scalable? What about the Swatshya Cheetna program?

    Both Yes.

19. Yuri Jain claims that PPP has scale. Do you agree with him?


20. Why do you think PPP was slowed down while the Swathsya Cheetna program pushed through?

    Because of the slow process.


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