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Casas Bahia

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 Samuel Klein established Casas Bahia after two years in a nazi concentration camp. The business was transformed from a door to door into the largest retail chain selling appliances, furniture and electronics. The article tells how the Casas Bahia became one of the leading businesses in Brazil topping other competitors in the country. Michael and Saul Klein also run the business and both are sons of Samuel. Each of them share different tasks and on what sector to handle.

    Throughout the years, Casas Bahia was focusing on modernizing their business so that they can deliver quality service to many customers. This ranges from ordinary to upper class citizens. They already implemented and automated system where top managers see information about sales, revenues, interest paid and other data. All these information are shown in real time.

    One of their managerial tools at Casas Bahia is the daily director lunch. Here they can discuss and brainstorm about new ideas. They also settle their negotiations here. The atmosphere of the lunch is very conducive and informal.

    Building something like Casas Bahia in our country might be difficult. Mainly because there are many well-known competitors that have large businesses and establishments which also caters to different customers, and example is ShoeMart. But If I was to implement something like Casas Bahia in our country, maybe I will also do the same with selling products like furnitures, appliances, and electronics, but the only difference is I will focus primarily in a certain market, this focuses on the class A and B.


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