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Book Review 5

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Managing Change in the Nineties


    In the decade of the 1980’s, Americans sowed the seeds of the problems we faced in the nineties. It was a time when the United States borrowed its way to prosperity and a time when many of the cities became urban wastelands and when the public lost confidence in its business and political leaders.

    Developments like these lead to a widespread belief that something is wrong with the American system and that a new form of management thinking is required in order to put the American dream back on track.

    The absence of ethical approaches to management is not an accident. The complexity of modern business, finance, and government would require an ethical code. Ethical behavior is that which improves the lot of everyone involved.

    When we put this definition to work in a global context, we are confronted with issues that have never before faced the business community. They are not the issues of international financial management; nor are they the problems of executive lifestyle.


The Parable of Ethical Action


    Politicians have consistently used social justice as the key that unlocks the door to office. They continue to talk about access, equity, and opportunity while doing little or nothing to make these concepts a reality for their people.

    As new generations of business leaders set out on this walk, they will need a sense of direction that can provide the support and energy required to top the system. Direction comes, we believe, from within each of us. We have a grasp of ethical action and the capacity to evaluate our own behavior.


The Parable of Corporate Justice


     If we are going to establish a new view in the business community, we need to know our starting point. We need a “corporate report” on the condition of social justice in the business world. Such report will give us a sense of the changes that will have to be made in corporate life in order to achieve our goal of social justice.

    Ethical action has played an important role in the success of many companies. When we link ethical practices in the bottom line, we have clear evidence that “ethics works.”

Reference: Paradigms and Parables, Author Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC




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